AAC Goal Writing

Use these resources to write goals during an evaluation, track progress, or assess progress at the end of a reporting period.

Goals Grids

Dynamic AAC Goals Grid-2 (DAGG-2) (Print | Writable) The DAGG-2 provides a systematic means to assess and reassess an individual's current skills in AAC and to assist partners in developing a plan for enhancing the AAC user's communicative independence.
Stroke & Brain Injury Communication Goals Grid (Print | Writable) This serves as a guide to suggest goals designed to facilitate gains in meaningful, everyday communication for individuals using the Stroke & Brain Injury Persona in the Tobii Dynavox Compass software.

Supporting Resources

DAGG-2: Schedule of Daily & Novel Activities (Print | Writable) This form allows you to record daily and novel activities, along with the priority of the activity and vocabulary that is important for each.
DAGG-2: Data Progress Form (Print | Writable) This form provides a means to track progress towards goals in a systematic manner. The components on the data sheet were developed to meet insurance and Medicaid requirements for data.